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  • Yethu Dlamini


Updated: Sep 20, 2023

The first-ever event of the Ilanga Cup will take place at Red Star Raceway, Delmas (Mpumalanga) from the 19th to 21st of July 2022.

Solar car teams and solar challenge enthusiasts in the Southern Africa region can look forward to this new endurance event, which will see best local solar car teams go head-to-head, the winning team being the one that racked-up the most kilometres in the eight-hour long challenge.

First solar car teams to compete in the event include new and experienced teams in solar challenges.

“We are proud to take the event to Red Star Raceway for its debut. The venue ticks all the boxes for an event such as the Ilanga Cup, which is designed for a closed track circuit and focused on measuring performance, efficiency, and durability of the solar cars. The infrastructure at Red Star Raceway fits perfectly with these elements,” said Robert Walker, Director of the Ilanga Cup.

“The venue also caters for a broader community of motorsport enthusiasts, and it’s a family-friendly environment. So we hope to see groups of diverse people coming to explore the future of mobility.”

Red Star Raceway, situated on the outskirts of Delmas, is well known as a race circuit and track school, but there is a whole lot more to the motorsport facility, which has evolved into a multi-purpose venue and a lifestyle resort for racers, riders and their families.

To local motorsport enthusiasts, Red Star Raceway is renowned for delivering enthralling racing, tremendous spectator value (by way of well-organised and supported events), quality track training, plus fun and entertainment for families.

“We are pleased to host the 2022 Ilanga Cup. The event is one of a kind to ever happen at Red Star Raceway,” said Dean Fogolin, Director of Red Star Raceway. “Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is designed to provide a challenge for competitors - drivers and riders of all skill levels – while at the same time providing spectator value. We look forward to welcoming both the solar car teams to come enjoy the circuit and spectators to enjoy everything that the venue offers.”


About Ilanga Cup

The Ilanga Cup is South Africa’s first closed track endurance circuit event, which is focused on driving the innovation of renewable and alternative energy. The event takes place annually and has been created for local solar car teams to put their solar vehicles to the test in a controlled environment, designed and focused on measuring the vehicles' performance, efficiency, and durability.

The Ilanga Cup serves as a platform for solar car teams - professionals and amateurs alike - to not only test their solar cars but also learn and improve both team and the vehicle dynamics. With these opportunities, the aim is to nurture young and upcoming solar car teams and grow existing solar car teams in order to be able to compete in larger-scale events that are internationally recognised such as our very own South African Sasol Solar Challenge.

About Red Star Raceway

Red Star Raceway is a motorsport RACE track. Since inception in 2009, Red Star Raceway has been continuously developing and upgrading facilities to become the preferred racing track for racers and racing fans across Africa. As part of their service offering, they have an onsite track school and host track days for the racing community and general public. The facility also offers on-site accommodation and dining facilities for an uninterrupted racing experience.

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