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Ctrack Named Official Telematics Partner for the Bridgestone Ilanga Cup: Pioneering Solar Vehicles

This partnership signifies a monumental leap in the world of sustainable energy events and underscores Ctrack's unwavering commitment to precision and innovation in telematics solutions.

Ctrack's expertise in advanced telematics technology and asset management perfectly aligns with the spirit of the Bridgestone Ilanga Cup. As the official telematics partner, Ctrack will play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and reliable timing for the challenge, allowing participants to showcase their solar vehicles' performance to the millisecond. This partnership not only highlights Ctrack's technical prowess but also emphasizes the event's dedication to pushing the boundaries of sustainable technologies.

"Our participation in the Bridgestone Ilanga Cup is a source of pride for Ctrack. We are thrilled to be a part of this remarkable event that showcases the incredible potential of sustainable technologies. Our commitment to precision and innovation in telematics perfectly aligns with the spirit of this challenge, and we look forward to contributing to its success," says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack.

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About Ctrack:

Ctrack is a leading provider of innovative telematics solutions. Their Crystal Software platform offers scalable modules that empower businesses to expand and succeed. These include video and camera surveillance, advanced analytics capabilities, and Planning and ePOD. All on one platform, also accessible from mobile devices. Crystal by Ctrack gives you The Power to Predict.


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